Representation of the label:

WATER: Representation of the vortex formed by the flow of water during the dynamization process that releases the energy of the biodynamic preparations.

Orzada is a nautical term that refers to “sailing against the wind”.

It is a series of organic wines that reflect the passion of the Odfjell team for innovation captured in excellent, adventurous and highly concentrated wines, made with fruit from centuries-old organic and biodynamic vineyards.

Maule Valley

Our winemaking style started with the discovery of a centenary-old organic vineyard that grew lost in Cauquenes, on the Tres Esquinas estate. Planted with a patrimonial variety that has forged Odfjell‘s identity and defined the character of all its wines. These bush-trained Carignan vines have allowed Chile to rediscover a variety, a culture, and ancestral traditions. And have led us to make a wine that unsettles and goes beyond conventions, expressing a friendlier and more feminine side of Carignan.

Maipo Valley

A classic expression of the Maipo Valley for the “king of grapes”. Fermented with native yeasts, minimal intervention, and aged in new and used barrels. This wine is a perfect combination of fruit and oak. The grapes come from a cooler sector in Padre Hurtado, Maipo Valley, which guarantees that the grapes reach a perfect ripeness for producing a traditional, complex, and elegant wine that truly respects Odfjell’s style.

Maule Valley

This wine really speaks of Odfjell’s closeness to the Maule Valley, its people and its traditions. A premium Carmenère, produced with high-quality grapes from Cauquenes, harvested much earlier than most others. The wine was aged in stainless steel tanks and cement spheres, without any use of oak, to achieve more broadness and fruit expression on the palate. A radical Carmenère, an ode to red fruits and herbs, that reflects the winery’s affinity with Maule.


Lontué Valley

An elegant, high-end Malbec, with lots of varietal typicity, originated in a small and exclusive organic vineyard, one of the oldest in Chile. Located in the Lontué Valley, on a terrace placed on the edge of the Claro River, it shows a micro climate that allows for a slow ripening of the grape and a good concentration. Using different aging methods in the winery, Odfjell succeeds in reaching a wonderful complexity of aromas and flavors.

Maule Valley

Odfjell is the first winery to produce a Tannat wine in Chile, thus evidencing the pioneering spirit that its winemaking team has always shown. It is a unique expression of Tannat in the world: the grapes come from a vineyard planted for experimental purposes by the Odfjell family in Cauquenes in 2004, along with other unknown varieties in the area. Rooted on a special place of deep red clay, warm climate and lavish breezes, the grapes are harvested early and the wine is aged for 2 years before bottling. This Orzada, a perplexing wine to be discovered, respects the vibrant style of Odfjell’s wines.

Maule Valley

Odfjell has always been looking for new challenges. This Petite Syrah was born from a great eagerness to promote the area of Cauquenes and rescue the place’s potential to produce grapes of exceptional quality. Planted on our experimental vineyards, the variety adapts well to this area in southern Chile. The region’s large temperature amplitude, an excellent characteristic that allows harvesting grapes of great complexity and perfect ripeness, provides some softness to its powerful tannins, granting it a unique elegance. You are kindly invited to explore and discover this intense and vigorous wine.

Valle del Maipo

This “great” Merlot, born in the special terroir of our Padre Hurtado vineyards, is a wine that, thanks to the influence of the coastal breezes and the winemaker’s knowledge, shows an evolution that distinguishes it from its peers. The time spent in barrels lends it more weight on the palate, as well as complexity and nobility, without leaving aside its fruit expression. To achieve a round character, the grapes for this Merlot were harvested riper than those for Armador.