Representation of the label:

EARTH: Natural energy that radiates from the earth in the vineyards in Padre Hurtado, where our dream became a reality.

Armador is the Spanish word for “ship owner” and is the name of our original line of wines, launched in 1999.

These are vibrant, provocative, and authentic wines with extraordinary fruit and freshness. They aim to show the typicity of each variety grown in our vineyards.

Maipo Valley

20 years ago, the winery made its debut with this wine. It is a special Cabernet Sauvignon grown in a cool corner of the Padre Hurtado Valley, which produces crisp and juicy fruit, different from other Cabernets grown in the Maipo. The grapes are harvested on 2 separate dates: early and late, thus achieving wines that are more complex, fresh, and ripe, but with good acidity and weight on the palate. An exemplary Cabernet Sauvignon, that shows great purity and is true to the variety and its origin.

Central Valley

This delicious Carmenère, a variety rediscovered in Chile, is made with Odfjell’s best grapes, grown both in Padre Hurtado and Maule. Respecting the typicity of the variety, its fruits were harvested early to allow for more freshness and acidity. A wine that shows the best of 2 valleys: while Maipo lends minerality, Maule contributes with the balsamic notes and the lushness that give life to this special Carmenère.

Maipo Valley

Merlot is one of the most difficult varieties to produce in Chile, which has meant a great challenge for the winemaker who, thanks to his experience with the variety, has developed a meticulous work, both in the vineyard and the winery. The grapes for this Merlot benefit from a coastal influence and are the season’s first ones to be harvested in Padre Hurtado, when they reach their perfect balance and freshness.

Valle de San Antonio

This elegant and distinctive Sauvignon Blanc comes from a unique biodynamic vineyard located in the cool San Antonio Valley, just about 15 kilometers from the Pacific Ocean, where ideal conditions for this variety are met. Planted on a beautiful granitic hill, its soils provide hints of minerality, which are a defining feature for premium Chilean Sauvignon Blanc.