Origin & Values


Over 25 years ago, the pioneering Norwegian Armador, (ship owner) Dan Odfjell discovered and felt in love with a small corner of the famous Maipo Valley, Chile. Born of rain in Bergen, Norway, he could not resist the attraction of the austral sun in this Virgilian setting.

Today, the business is led by Dan’s sons, Laurence and Dan Jr., who actively participate in the promotion of the vineyard’s wines in international markets and are also part of the board of directors for Odfjell Vineyards S.A.


Founded on the Odfjell family’s international exploration as Norwegian Armadors (ship owners) and their passion for wine, Odfjell Vineyards strives to produce unique quality wines in a sustainable way.


Odfjell Vineyards strives to use our pioneering spirit to capture the best of Chile in a bottle. We strongly believe in sustainability as a guiding principle and will continuously deliver memorable wines in a way that over time generates value for our shareholders, employees, and business partners.


  • Quality driven company
  • Sustainability
  • Building long term commercial partnerships
  • Pioneering spirit
  • Integrity