Our winemaker Arnaud Hereu in the “Programa de Viñas” (Vineyards Program)

To work under sustainable principles is one of the Odfjell´s pillars that guides what we do. This philosophy is tangible in our on-going involvement through our winemaker Arnaud Hereu in the “Programa de Viñas” (Vineyards Program) of the Institute of Agricultural Development (Indap) that supports small farmers in the dry coastal area of Lolol, in the Colchagua Valley, seeking to improve the quality of their wines.

In the latest version of the Catad’Or Wine Awards competition, in the “Peasant Wines” category, the wine from a small producer advised by Arnaud was chosen as the best. We are very proud and satisfied knowing that we are contributing and supporting the efforts and work of hard-working producers.

In Arnaud’s words, «In just a few years, the result of this work can be seen. At the beginning the wine was not of good quality, but today it is the Best Peasant Wine of Chile «.