"Respect for the environment and the community whilst economically viable"


Organic & Biodynamic: Since the founding of Odfjell Vineyards, the owner’s vision has been to work in harmony with the environment. The first step that we implemented was to eliminate the use of chemical products. After several years, this decision enabled us to move forward with organic management and all of our vineyards were certified by IMO Switzerland.

Then, in 2009, we started exploring biodynamic farming on the vineyard’s southern zones. We completed this transition with the Padre Hurtado vineyards. In 2012, the DEMETER certification recognized 100% of our vineyards as biodynamic.

Environmental Practices: Following our mission and values, we are constantly evaluating and establishing practices and procedures that improve our environmental stewardship.

These include:

  • Production of our own organic and biodynamic compost from residual stems and skins, mixed with manure from our Fjord horses, thus reducing the impact of residual materials.
  • Planting grass varieties between the vineyards to improve the nitrogen levels in the soils.
  • Planting flowers and developing “ecological islands” that attract beneficial insects (natural predators) and increase biodiversity in the vineyard ecosystem.
  • Apicultural management of our own bees helps establish natural balance.
  • Use of Fjord horses for work in the vineyards. This avoids the compaction of soil wrought by machinery.
  • Measurement of CO2 emissions and the implementation of a proactive plan to reduce emissions yearly.
  • Favoring the use of ecological glass by selecting only lighter bottles, thus minimizing CO2 emission in transport.
  • Favoring the use of recycled paper in our card stock, thus minimizing forest degradation.
  • Active recycling program for all types of waste: plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, and organic material.