"Respect for the environment and the community whilst economically viable"


The people, communities, and direct employees have always been a priority for the Odfjell Family in all their endeavors. This focus was naturally adopted by the Odfjell Vineyards at their founding in 1982.

Over the years, a number of policies and practices have been implemented in order to reinforce this principle. The following are some examples:

  • More than 80% of our employees live in the areas surrounding the winery, and we prioritize the hiring of local workers. Odfjell has 14 comfortable houses within their vineyards, and these houses are offered to employees and families.
  • Odfjell is an active partner with the Padre Hurtado Municipality, particularly regarding their social programs.
  • Odfjell and its Fjord horses take on an active role in the community by collaborating with hippotherapy groups. These groups use contact with horses and nature to help the development of children with disabilities. (Crin and Chilean Hippotherapy Associations).
  • Odfjell is an active participant in several associations, including: the Norwegian – Chilean chamber of commerce, Wines of Chile (Chilean wine producers), AG Orgánicos del Centro Sur (Organic producers association), and VIGNO (Maule wine producers association).